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Beam Focusing in Ophthalmology.

Compact Design Approach for Z-Scanners.

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A challenge in laser eye surgery is that the devices need to become smaller in order to be more mobile, but still have to work precisely, reliably and fast.
We master this challenge by optimizing the optical system accordingly. A prominent example for this is the recently developed compact design z-scanner, saving space and weight while enhancing performance compared to conventional approaches.


Z-Scanner schematic figure

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For technical information join our lecture during Photonic Instrumentation Engineering VI (Conference 10925)

Date: Thursday, February 07, 2019

Session 9: Design, Development, and Fabrication of Photonic Instruments III

Location: Room 54 (South Lower Mezzanine)

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:20 PM


Lens in a voice coil: a compact design approach for z-scanners


In this presentation, an actively controlled lens moving mechanism for beam focusing will be presented. It contains a closed loop voice coil driven focusing lens of 10 mm diameter in a low module footprint. The application driven design approach, modularity, and scalability of the solution will be presented together with results of the practical system evaluation. Thereby, the achieved optical alignment accuracy of the moving lens of only a few microns along a moving rage of up to 80 mm in combination with a lateral movement bandwidth up to 100 Hz will be shown.


Invited Paper 10925-39


Author(s): Thomas Ruppel, SwissOptic AG (Switzerland); Mark Holcomb, Celera Motion (United States); Michael Deyerler, SwissOptic AG (Switzerland); Robert Mastromattei, Celera Motion (United States)



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This technology is also relevant for applications in other market segments.


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