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Brochures & presentations
Unternehmens-Präsentation der Berliner Glas Gruppe
Company Presentation

SwissOptic AG

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Company brochure of the Berliner Glas Group
Company Brochure

Berliner Glas Group

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Data sheets

Application-specific information

Anwendungsflyer Beschichtungen

Customer-Specific Coatings

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Product-specific data sheets

technical data customized modules for wafer inspection
Data sheet

Customized Modules

(315 KB)

technical data customized lenses for high-end applications in semiconductor manufacturing
Data sheet

Customized Lenses

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Optical key components

Plane und Planparallele Optiken
Data sheet

Plane & coplanar optics

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Datenblatt Sphärische Optiken
Data sheet

Spherical optics

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Asphären und Freiformoptiken
Data sheet

Aspheres and Freeforms

(303 KB)

Datenblatt Beschichtungen
Data sheet

Coating Options

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White papers & technical articles

White Papers and technical articles are available for download directly from the homepage of the Berliner Glas Group:


Download Center of the Berliner Glas Group

General terms & conditions
SwissOptic Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions

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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct der Berliner Glas Gruppe
Code of Conduct

Berliner Glas Group

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General contact

SwissOptic AG
9435 Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Fon +41 71 727-3074
swissoptic [at]