Opto-mechanical (sub-) systems for medical devices in ophthalmology, cytometry and microscopy

Optical Systems for Molecular Diagnostics.

Highest Efficiency Through Customized Design.

Do you require the next level of signal to noise ratio for the detection of faint fluorescence signals e. g. in your Life Science Lab Instruments?

Do you need more bandwidth in R&D, e. g. to cover the requirement for increasing spatial resolution in your molecular diagnostics instruments?


Do you have a system in the market that contains optics you are not satisfied with?



Find out how we can help you:

We design, develop, manufacture and assemble optomechanical assemblies and systems meeting the special requirements of Life Science instrument manufacturers in terms of performance, reliability and documentation.

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We are happy to help when it comes to optimizing existing designs, e. g. for performance, durability, stability and manufacturability.

Here is an example of an optical assembly developed and manufactured by us.


Optical systems for molecular diagnostics

optomechanical assemblies

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