assembly and measurements in clean room conditions in Heerbrugg, Switzerland

SwissOptic AG.

The Highest Precision in St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

Swissoptic AG is a company of the Berliner Glas Group and stands for globally accepted quality and the highest precision in the world of optics.


We develop and produce a broad range of coated precision-optical components, assemblies and systems. We are your competent partner along the entire process chain from concept through to volume production.

The company at a glance

Key data

SwissOptic AG

Production area:9,000 m² (Heerbrugg, Switzerland)
Export area:Europe, Asia, USA
General Manager:Herbert Stüttler

SwissOptic (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.

Production area:2,200 m² (Wuhan, China)
Export area:Asia, Europe
General Manager:Mary Yang, Dominik Walt


(* Status December 31, 2019)

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Management Team

Management SwissOptic AG

Herbert Stuettler - Geschaeftsführer / General Manager Swissoptic AG

Herbert Stüttler (General Manager)
Engineer, 20+ years experience in international management and in the global medical device industry


Michael Bircher - Head of Finance and IT at SwissOptic AG Heerbrugg

Michael Bircher (Head of Finance & IT)
Economist, 25+ years experience in finance in the industry

Management Team SwissOptic (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.

Dominik Walt (General Manager)

Engineer in mechatronics and optics, M. Sc., 15 years experience in the optical industry


Mary Yang (Managing Director)

Master in economics (EMBA), 10+ years experience in operations management in the optical industry

Mary Yang is employee No 1 of SwissOptic (Wuhan).


SwissOptic AG in Heerbrugg is a company of the Berliner Glas Group.


The milestones for the entire company group are listed on the group website:

Milestones of the Berliner Glas Group

Contact SwissOptic AG

SwissOptic AG
9435 Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Fon +41 71 727-3074
swissoptic [at]


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