laser-based metrology in the depth of a mine - reliable with OEM optics by SwissOptic

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OEM Optics in Geodesy and Photogrammetry.

SwissOptic AG has been a reliable partner for optics in geodesy and photogrammetry for many decades.

We develop, manufacture and assemble optical systems, which meet the special requirements of laser-based metrology in terms of precision and reliability. Even under the extreme conditions that prevail e.g. on a construction site in tropical rain, in a mine at 1 km depth or at 10 km altitude in the fuselage of an aircraft, our optics deliver consistent results that your customers can rely on.

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Our focus in geodesy and photogrammetry is on:

  • Modules for optical measurement systems
    Our reliable optics modules provide a decisive contribution to measurement systems with high accuracy, even under difficult conditions and over extreme distances.
  • Measurement reflectors
    We guarantee a faultless alignment of high-precision prisms and reflectors with the respective mechanical systems.
  • OEM lens systems
    We have many years of expertise in designing complete optical systems and conduct manufacturing, assembly and alignment processes of high precision lenses and lens systems in-house.


Find here further information about our expertise and activities in metrology.


aerial photography enabled by Swissoptic lens for airborne camera systems

Lens for aerial photography   

Swissoptic lens systems enable aerial photography

Aerial photography sample picture

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technical data customized modules for wafer inspection
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Customized Modules

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technical data customized lenses for high-end applications in semiconductor manufacturing
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Customized Lenses

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Asphären und Freiformoptiken
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Aspheres and Freeforms

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