Optical OEM Systems by SwissOptic in Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Assembly & System Testing.

Modules - More Than the Sum of All Parts.

We assemble optical, mechanical and electronic components into modules and systems according to your requirements.


Our modules and system solutions are tailored for direct integration into your products.

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lens for aerial photography by SwissOptic AG in Heerbrugg

Lens of an aerial camera

This is how we work for you

  • Highly specialized and well trained assembly personnel
  • Assembly spaces adapted to the respective products
  • Production in flow boxes up to cleanrooms of class ISO 5 for the highest degree of cleanliness

Precise Alignment

  • Alignment turning process
  • Collimator centering
  • Air distance measurement in the system

Assembly Procedures

  • Standard assembly procedures
  • Precise assembly supported by measurement technology
  • Low-stress joining and adhesion techniques
  • Soldering (electronics and ITO layers)

Assembly and System Measurement Techniques

  • Functional end measurement for operational wavelengths
  • Air distances/centering/tilting
  • Spectral transmission
  • MTF testing
  • Wavefront
  • Flange focal distance

More detailed information about the measurement techniques and machines can be found under System Measurement.

Assembly Logistics

  • Traceability and documentation
  • Engraving and laser inscription
  • Set-mounting and pairing

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Semiconductor Industry
Christian Schmitt
Fon +41 71 727-4790
christian.schmitt [at] swissoptic.com
Industrial Manufacturing, Security & Multimedia
Kenan Aygör
Fon +41 71 727-4011
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Robin Hitschfel
Fon +41 71 727-3176
robin.hitschfel [at] swissoptic.com
US Office for Photonics
Kevin Liddane
Fon +1 714 389-1756
kliddane [at] berlinerglasus.com

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