assembly and measurements in clean room conditions in Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Semiconductor Industry.

OEM Optics Made in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

As a trusted OEM partner, SwissOptic AG provides leading system manufacturers in the semiconductor industry with complex optic modules.


These modules are used in inspection systems to analyze reticles, masks as well as structured and unstructured wafers. Our modules make significant contributions in process optimization and yield improvement with regards to the production process.


Our customer-specific optical and optomechanical modules are an important factor in the creation of value for our customers and ensure a competitive advantage in the persistent trend towards smaller and smaller structures within the semiconductor market. At our location in Heersbrugg, we have mastered the art of designing, manufacturing and qualifying high-precise optic modules that are able to resolve the smallest structures.



You can find more information about our expertise in the section on production expertise:

Optic Modules for the Semiconductor Industry


Our range of products is enhanced with customer-specific electrostatic chucks, vacuum chucks as well as precise structural components made by our parent company, Berliner Glas, at its Berlin location.


You can find additional information about this under:

Berliner Glas - OEM partner for the semiconductor industry

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technical data customized modules for wafer inspection
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Customized Modules

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technical data customized lenses for high-end applications in semiconductor manufacturing
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Customized Lenses

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Asphären und Freiformoptiken
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Aspheres and Freeforms

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