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Optical Design. Development of Optical Systems.

We develop complex optical systems that can be perfectly adjusted to your system requirements. You profit from the extensive experience of our optic designers. We guarantee the functionality of the optical systems used in your products. When designing optics, we take into account all of the disciplines necessary for production, such as engineering, coating and production technologies.

This is how we work for you

  • Provide support in developing the specifications (studies, comparing variants)
  • Develop optic designs according to your requirements in tandem with mechanical and coating design as well as measurement technology
  • Tolerance analysis and optimization in consideration of production possibilities, prediction of optic quality for the systems to be produced
  • Production and installation supported by optical design
  • Analysis of scattered, ghost and false light in consideration of the mechanical systems and optical coatings for the given application conditions
  • Thermal analyses

Our experience, our know-how

  • Designs with special optical components, for example aspheres, cylinder lenses, off-axis elements and diffractive optics (DOE)
  • Designs along the wavelength spectrum from UV to IR
  • Systems that actively adjust elements to compensate production tolerances
Modeling and simulation of an optical system

3D model of a lens system

Areas of appli­cations

We provide solutions for

  • Measurement and inspection systems for the semiconductor industry
  • Optics for material processing
  • Specific systems and components for medical applications
  • Aerial imaging lenses
  • Systems for space applications
  • Illumination and exposure systems


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Christian Schmitt SwissOptic
Christian Schmitt
Semiconductor Industry
Phone +41 71 747 06 10
Dr. Heinrich Bürgers
Dr. Heinrich Bürgers
Life Sciences
Phone +41 71 747 06 18
Kontakt Industrielle Fertigung
Josef Kurath
Industrial Manufacturing, Security & Multimedia
Phone +41 71 747 06 24
Robin Hitschfel
Robin Hitschfel
Phone +41 71 747 05 77
Markus Liedke SwissOptic
Markus Liedke
Industrial Manufacturing, Security & Multimedia
Phone +41 71 747 06 81
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