Optical OEM Systems by SwissOptic in Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Coating Design.

Coatings upon Customer Request.

The most modern calculation programs as well as many years of experience with diverse coating types allow our developer team to find the best possible solution for your order.

Kinds of tempering - we prove customer-specific coating development and coating of

  • Antireflection coatings (AR)
  • Polarizing and non-polarizing beam splitters
  • Narrow band filters, edge filters, laser protection filters
  • Laser coatings (HR, AR) with high damage threshold
  • Highly reflective metallic and dielectric mirrors
  • Transparent and electrically conductive layers (ITO)
  • Absorber films (CrVI free)
  • Graduated filters and combinations of various filters
  • Phase preservation for the various coating types
  • Wear protection coatings
  • Bondable and solderable coatings


  • Layer design according to customer specification, consultation during the entire product development phase to find the optimal solution
  • Process data base with several thousand processes available
  • Adaption of existing processes to customer specifications, reduced development costs
  • In-house qualification of coatings
  • Expanded in-house analysis of prototypes available

Coating technologies and characterization

We provide ambitious coatings based on individual customer requirements on a total of eleven partly ion-assisted PVD systems. The optics are cleaned beforehand using fully automated cleaning wet benches.



APS system at SwissOptic production site in Heerbrugg
APS system
  • Spectrometer to analyze between 0° to 85°

  • Environmental/climate tests according to ISO and MIL (heat, moisture, autoclaving)

  • Wear and adhesive tests

  • Nitrogen cabinets to store critical glass

  • Surface measurement technology (tensiometer, interferometer, roughness measurements, ITS)

  • Various tests with regards to chemical resistance

  • Development of measurement devices according to customer-specific requirements




You can find the coating processes and technologies that we offer under:


Production Expertise > Coatings & Microstructures

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