SwissOptic in Heerbrugg, Switzerland manufactures your customized OEM assembly

Industr. Manufacturing, Security & Multimedia.

Customized Systems and Components.

We develop and manufacture customer specific solutions for various light- and laser-based applications such as industrial manufacturing, security, aviation and multimedia.

Our solutions all come from one source; as an experienced OEM supplier, we provide each work step from the initial concept and development plus prototype manufacturing up to the volume production, all under one roof. This includes the development of customer specific coatings.

In order to realize the solutions we provide, we use opto-mechanical modules and lenses as well as complex components such as aspheres, light-weight structures and free-form surfaces or diffractive optical elements.


Solution examples from the different areas

Industrial Manufacturing

Laser Material Processing

  • Components (aspheres, spheres, prisms) and sub-assemblies for laser cutting heads
  • Focusing systems for laser drilling and cutting heads

Machine Vision (Imaging)

  • Lenses and optical systems for machine and system monitoring
  • Camera systems for control and process monitoring, such as pick-and place machines or material sorting machines
high resolution lens for multispectral imaging system by Swissoptic AG

High-resolution lens for multispectral camera systems

Security and Aviation

Imaging Systems

  • Bright (light intense) and high-resolution lenses for enhanced vision systems (EVS) for the aviation industry
  • Monitoring Systems


Components and Sub-Assemblies for Land-, Air- and Seaborne Observation- and Surveillance Systems

  • Image intensified and IR night vision devices and systems
  • Helmet mounted displays (HMD)
  • Head-up displays
  • Multifunctional observation and surveillance systems (incl. IR and SWIR)
  • Laser range finders
  • Machine and system monitoring, etc.


Film and Information Technology

  • Opto-mechanical modules
  • Lenses
  • Aspheres, spheres, plano optics and free-form surfaces
aspherical mirror with lightweight structure

Light-weight mirrors for monitoring systems

Contact our specialists

Industrial Manufacturing, Security & Multimedia
Kenan Aygör
Fon +41 71 727-4011
kenan.aygoer [at]
Industrial Manufacturing, Security & Multimedia
Josef Kurath
Fon +41 71 727-4385
josef.kurath [at]
US Office for Photonics
Kevin Liddane
Fon +1 714 389-1756
kliddane [at]


technical data customized modules for wafer inspection
Data sheet

Customized Modules

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technical data customized lenses for high-end applications in semiconductor manufacturing
Data sheet

Customized Lenses

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Asphären und Freiformoptiken
Data sheet

Aspheres and Freeforms

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