SwissOptic 3D measurement system

Prisms & Plane-Parallel Optics. Ultra-Planar per Customer Request.

We produce planar and plane-parallel optics, prisms and prism systems of the highest quality, flexibility and reliability according to your specifications. We reliably combine sophisticated optical prism systems with mechanical and electronic elements for your application.

Our services include

  • Prisms & plane-parallel optics
  • Multifunctional & monolithical optics
  • High precise prism systems (optics, mechanics, electronics)
  • Laser optics (high energy, femtoseconds, UV etc.)
  • Complex 3D glass & ceramic components
Pechan prism assembly

Pechan prism system

Specifi­cations include

Dimen­sions 2 to 350 mm

1/100PV @ 546 nm

Paral­lelism 0.1“
Angular error


Rough­ness 0.15 nm RMS
Surface error 5/1 x 0.004 according to ISO 10110


Metro­logy / QS

  • Measurement and testing in climatized cleanrooms
  • Planar interferometers incl. multiple surface measurement techniques
  • White light interferometry
  • High-precise goniometers incl. deviation measurement technology
  • No-touch and touch measurement techniques for lengths, diameters, thicknesses
  • 2 ½ D optical coordinate measuring techniques
  • 3D coordinate measuring techniques

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